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Our Service

At REQAL, our goal is to provide you with full range, flexible and affordable on-stop-shop migration service to suit your budget and needs.


Migration laws of Australia and New Zealand are very complex and are subject to constant change. This is why employ a migration agent, like REQAL, to take care of your migration needs will not only ensure your visa application is valid, but reduce the risk of failing your visa application due to lack of knowledge. Here is a brief overview of the services we provide:


1. Immigration evaluation and visa processing
We offer :
  1. Initial free on line assessment
    By completing our free on line assessment will give us some information to perform a quick check on your visa eligibility. Please be aware that further analysis must be conducted in order to determine your suitability.
  2. Detailed/Full Assessment
    We will provide a detailed written report explaining the immigration requirements, process, steps to follow, cost and professional recommendations to enhance your application as it applies to you and your family with a small cost. It will assist you with preparing your own application should you choice to do it yourself.
  3. Visa Processing
    We provide full professional service handling all aspect of your visa applications.


2. Visa related Services
We offer :
  1. Business and Investment consulting Service
    For business migrants, we can arrange business professionals to prepare business plans or provide investment advice to suit your needs.
  2. Student visa related Service
    We can help to arrange overseas student health insurance, accommodation needs, airport pickup and course/study application.
  3. Skilled Visa related Service
    We can help you to apply for official qualification recognitions and professional body registration. We can also assist in your employment needs.


3. Resettlement Service
After your arrival in your designated country, we can help to arrange your insurance needs, mortgage requirements, job search and accommodation requirements.


4. Citizenship application
We provide full professional service handling all aspect of your citizenship applications.


For details of our service, please contact us.